Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Introduction to the Social Sciences (SS1010)

Recently a cohort of first year students got their first taste of the breadth of the Social Sciences and the disciplines it draws on.

Their most recent e-Poster assessment work is being displayed in the library right now, so come and see it. The posters cover themes of place and identity, and divergent cultural experiences and viewpoints. A selection of materials used in lectures and complimenting the course are also out on display including DVDs like Priscilla Queen of the Desert, books about social science theory and philosophy as well as the biographies read in the course.

SS1010 encourages students to apply social science theories to help them evaluate the diversity of discourses (viewpoints) in Australian society. This includes the cultures of First Australians and the Anglo-Celtic majority and other minorities, also touching on subcultures of surfing and hooning and issues of identity, interests and sexuality.

Introduction to the Social Sciences aims to show how the social sciences are applied and affect us at the personal level through governance, education and how these skills are applicable in the many job roles that students will have in the future. Students will be able to critically evaluate personal beliefs and social discourses and learn how to construct rigorous social science based projects. The course is run by the School of Arts and Social Science's Dr Anita Lundberg and School of Indigenous Australian Studies' Professor Sue McGinty.

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