Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook - Trial

The Australian Injectable Drugs Handbook offers concise, referenced information commonly sought by nurses and pharmacists at ward level when preparing drugs for administration by injection.

This trial is available until 30th June 2011.

Each referenced monograph includes information on availability, generic and trade names, preparation, administration, stability, compatibility/ incompatibility data and special notes. This edition also contains limited information on the administration of more common drugs to infants and children.

Trials are available both on campus or off campus (with a JCU user name and password). The trial links are also to be found on the library
Trials web page.

Observations or comments (positive and negative) on the trials and value of the services are always appreciated and may be directed to the Faculty and School Librarians or to Neil Renison, Information Resources. Alternatively, you can complete our online Database Trial Feedback form.

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