Monday, 29 August 2011

SciFinder Scholar available on the web

The SciFinder Scholar client is being phased out at the end of September. All new users should start using the web version of SciFinder Scholar and users who have all been using the client version should be preparing to change over to the web service.

The change should be easy for most people to cope with. Users simply need to get a personal login and go to the new URL. How to do that? Start at the SciFinder Scholar entry in the databases page or Tropicat and follow the link to the instructions to (1) login and/or (2) get a username/password.

Login to SciFinder Scholar
James Cook University has a subscription to SciFinder Scholar that permits one user at a time to access the database. Please log off immediately when you have finished. Personal registration and agreement to SciFinder Scholar terms of use is required; if you have not yet registered follow the registration process below.

SciFinder Scholar Personal Registration
Registration enables James Cook University staff and students to create their own username and password and activate personal access by agreeing to the terms and conditions. A JCU email account is a necessary requirement for registering. Proceed with registration.

System Requirements and User Guides
Further information is available from the CAS-SciFinder website.
System Requirements
User Guides
For assistance with SciFinder Scholar please contact InfoHelp (phone 4781 5500).

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