Friday, 30 September 2011

Featured eBooks: Psychology

In reading this book, therapists will discover the benefits to incorporating animal assisted therapy into their practice, how to design and implement animal assisted interventions, and the efficacy of animal assisted therapy with different disorders and patient populations. Coverage includes the use of AAT with children, families, and the elderly, in counseling and psychotherapy settings, and for treating a variety of specific disorders.

This is a comprehensive reference book on forensic mental health. It is concerned with both theory and practice, including issues and approaches to assessment, management and treatment. The book focuses on the key topics and issues underpinning the developing body of knowledge in forensic mental health and its place in contemporary society.

Most emotional maltreatment takes place within the family home, involves the primary care-giver and reflects ongoing patterns of damaging parent-child interaction rather than isolated incidents. The authors explore the available treatments, identifying which approaches work, who they work with and the limitations of each. Conclusions and recommendations based on the key findings are presented, including implications for practice and over-arching issues to be addressed.

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