Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Featured eBooks: Tourism

Island Tourism: Sustainable Perspectives. Islands are the most vulnerable and fragile of tourism destinations and will experience even more pressure as the combined impacts of economic, social and environmental change accelerate in the future. In order to understand the process of island tourism development, response to change and challenges, and islands' journeys to sustainability, this book provides insights and instruction on topics including social, cultural, environmental and economic aspects of island tourism.

Adventure Tourism Management. Adventure tourism is the largest and fastest growing sector of the trillion-dollar global outdoor tourism industry. No tourism professional, current or future, can afford to ignore this economically significant sector. A very wide range of high-adrenalin recreational activities is now available as commercial adventure tourism products: rafting and kayaking, surfing and kiteboarding, helisking and snowboarding, diving and submarines, mountain biking and off-road driving, horseriding and rockclimbing, ballooning and parachuting, and many more.

Industrial Tourism: Opportunities for City and Enterprise. Industrial tourism presents opportunities, both in terms of income and as a tool of management, for individual firms who open their doors - and consequently their local regions - to the public. But how can these opportunities be organised in a way that enables both the city and the enterprise to take advantage? This book analyzes the conditions for successful industrial tourism development using case studies of Wolfsburg, Cologne, Pays de la Loire, Turin, Shanghai and Rotterdam, and makes astute recommendations for cities and companies with ambitions in this field.

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