Monday, 14 November 2011

Featured eBooks: Journalism

Ugly War, Pretty Package: How CNN and Fox News made the invasion of Iraq high concept. High concept films can be reduced to single-sentence summaries and feature pre-sold elements; they were considered financially safe projects that would sustain consumer interest beyond their initial theatrical run. This book offers a new paradigm for understanding how television news reporting shapes our perceptions of events.

What Liberal Media? The truth about bias and the news. Widely acclaimed and hotly contested, veteran journalist Eric Alterman's ambitious investigation into the true nature of the U.S. news media touched a nerve and sparked debate across the country. As the question of whose interests the media protects-and how-continues to raise hackles, Alterman's sharp, utterly convincing assessment cuts through the cloud of inflammatory rhetoric, settling the question of liberal bias in the news once and for all.

The Subversive Copy Editor: Advice from Chicago (or, how to negotiate good relationships with your writers, your colleagues, and yourself). In The Subversive Copy Editor, Saller casts aside this adversarial view and suggests new strategies for keeping the peace. Emphasising habits of carefulness, transparency, and flexibility, she shows copy editors how to build an environment of trust and cooperation. One chapter takes on the difficult author; another speaks to writers themselves. Throughout, the focus is on serving the reader, even if it means breaking "rules" along the way.

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