Monday, 7 November 2011

Library staff support the Mabo movie

JCU librarians timewarp to the 1980's
If you haven't read the JCNN news release, you wouldn't have heard about the filming of the upcoming movie about our building's namesake. Wanting to be part of this historic experience, some of our Library staff bravely volunteered to be extras in the film.  Thus a normal day at the Library turned into something quite different, and our daring librarians revealed an under utilised component of their professional skills.

If their scenes don't end up on the cutting room floor, you will see our talented librarians showcasing the fashions of the period. Moreover fortuitously (or perhaps tragically), it was determined by the costume department that their current hairstyles are not out of place for representing women of the early 1980s. No names will be divulged by us here, but we ask you to keep an eye out for any prima donna behaviour at the Library now that some of us are stars in the making.

Go to ABC North Queensland and Blackfella Films for more information about the film.

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