Wednesday, 9 November 2011

New titles by JCU authors: Indigenous studies

FAESS staff have been busy publishing in the field of Indigenous Studies this year. Check out their new books:

A/Prof. Rosita Henry (Anthropology and Archaeology)
The Challenge of Indigenous Peoples: Spectacle or politics?
This book is concerned with the ways in which Indigenous peoples express their cultural and social identities in art and politics. Based on field research and practical initiatives with Indigenous peoples in Australia, Oceania, Asia and Siberia, it provides chapters on contemporary creative and political practices.

Prof. Koma Tsey (Education)
Re-Thinking Development in Africa: An oral history approach from Botoku, rural Ghana.
In this thought provoking book, Komla Tsey argues that if governments, NGOs, development donor agencies and researchers are serious about development in Africa, they need to get down to ground level, both metaphorically and literally. They must search deep into Africa’s own rich oral traditions by creating space and opportunity for ordinary Africans, whose voices have so far been conspicuously absent in the development discourse, to tell and share their own stories of development.

Mrs Dorothy Walker (Education)
Island Treasures: Torres Strait children share stories. (on order)
Children from Boigu, Erub and Mabuiag Islands, and Kubin Village on Moa Island, tell wonderful cultural stories and histories of the Torres Strait in this special book. These stories, enhanced by cultural and learning notes, support the National Curriculum and are told from an Indigenous perspective. A valuable education resource, the stories aim to help other communities and cultures better understand and appreciate the customs of the Torres Strait.

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