Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Summer Lovin' Book and DVD displays

Summer is here, and apart from a rag-tag group of crazy people who think block subjects are the way to go, most people who use our library are taking a break from studying.

So, what good is an academic library during the Summer holidays? Surely there's nothing interesting to read?

And it's doubtful there would be any good DVDs to borrow...

Well! And that's just a random handful of books and DVDs to do with the rather loose and undefined theme of "Romance"!

Why, I expect there must be hundreds of books and dozens of DVDs that are perfectly suitable for a spot of summer reading/viewing.

Oh! But what if someone wants one of the books or DVDs that are currently on display?

Well, just between you and me, you can actually borrow the books in the displays. If you see something you want, you can just take it down stairs and check it out. But don't let that get around, or we may have to find more books to beef up the displays.

So why not come into the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library and take a look at our displays? You may find something you would love to read (or watch). Nothing like a spot of romance for the summer, don't you think?

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