Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Feature journal: LiNQ

LiNQ (Literature in North Queensland) volume 38 has just been released. The stories and articles in this issue tackle the theme of Generation from a multitude of  perspectives: from ageing; to identity and the generational view of the migrant who ponders 'belonging'. From looking back down the ages to a childhood long past to the flightiness of youth. And, always, the ever changing dynamics of time passing.

LiNQ is a fully refereed journal which publishes fiction and poetry, as well as criticism and reviews of regional, national, and international interest to do with literature. The quality of this issue is a testament to the hard work of its editors (Dr Lindsay Simpson and Dr Victoria Kuttainen), contributors and publication team. You can buy LiNQ volume 38 or subscribe to the journal through the LiNQ website.

JCU Library receives LiNQ in both print and electronic form, and volume 38 will shortly be available through our collection.

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