Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Indigenous Family History at Townsville City Council

Wadda Mooli,

Libraries are a great place to learn about that aspect of history in school we often fail to realise- our ancestors were living and breathing during eventful times, lived differently and held values often completely opposite of what we hold today. One way to bring the big picture history to life is to learn about your private family history.

Townsville City Council is hosting a session by the Department of Communities and Personal Histories for Indigenous Australians. Indigenous Australians when tracing family histories and genealogies encounter issues like some other Australians that no records exist in Birth, Deaths and Marriages. Often due to the history of Australia since 1788 Aboriginal Australians existed politically and socially outside of the European Australian society of the time, often were in open conflict with the trespassers or being increasingly subjected to exclusion or control by colonial state forces. These all affected the types of ways Aboriginal people were recorded and how and what records were preserved. For me I only have to go back two generations to the 1930s til the 1970s and members of my family appear in Exemption Certificate Records and controlled wages funds. To go further like my Uncle (Murri Way) T. Rose did means oral histories are to be explored by looking at station records for wage entries, store purchases or diary entries visiting grave yards and looking at old newspapers.

If you are a Murri or Islander or have friends or family who are point them at this,

2 Day Indigenous Family History Workshop
Get along to this popular workshop.
Kathy Frankland,
Department of Communities and Personal Histories
Brisbane will share vital information on the Indigenous Australian
Family history.
All welcome.

When: Friday, 24 February, 9.30am-3.30pm
Saturday, 25 February, 9.30am-3.30pm
Audience: Adult
Venue: CityLibraries Thuringowa Central
Cost: Free
Bookings are essential.
Contact Janeese Henaway Phone 47278317

Book online at www.townsville.qld.gov.au/facilities/libraries or contact your local library.

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