Monday, 20 February 2012

Coming soon to the JCU Library collection

Diary of World War II North Queensland (CD-Rom update) encompasses every aspect of Military presence in North Queensland from 1939 to 1946, from Mackay to Horn Island and west to Mount Isa. The CD-Rom includes:
  • Records of the movements of RAN/MN/USN/AIF/Militia/RAAF/USAAF troops, squadrons, ships, and Women's Services within North Queensland during the war years.
  • Locations of camp sites, airfields, training areas, military hospitals, special training or research experimental facilities, anti-aircraft batteries, fortifications, gun emplacements, airstrips, air crashes, RDF/Radar stations, HF/DF stations, buildings that were requisitioned for military use, structures built for the military by the AWC/CCC, and any remnants that remain today of any of the above.
  • Memorials that have been since dedicated to any of the above, as well as Commonwealth War Graves in the NQ region.
This resource will soon be available to JCU Library borrowers.

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