Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Phase Two Under Construction

Phase one of the Mabo Library redevelopment is complete and a number of our new features are now open - such as the new service desk, the new south entrance and the new Assistive Technologies lab. Now Phase Two has commenced! The result will be the new 24 hour Information Learning Commons and a suite of iLearning rooms.

Acoustic hoarding has been installed to minimise noise and dust; and the noisiest work will be done after hours when the Library isn't open. But there will be some noise. You are encouraged to go to the western side, top floor of the building to avoid the most noise.

Progress updates will be posted on the website

Thank you for your patience.

Heather Gordon
Director, Library & Information Services
Deputy Head, University Services Division
Eddie Koiki Mabo Library
James Cook University
Angus Smith Drive, Douglas, QLD 4811

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