Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sorry Day, Reconciliation Week and Mabo Day

Wadda Mooli, from May the 26th through to June the 3rd, a series of dates and official calender events happen of significance in Australia. First is National Sorry Day on Friday the 26th of May to remember and advocate for those Indigenous people affected by past child removal and protection policies. The National Sorry Day Committee is a lead organisation in this. Locally various public organisations will hold talks and information events about this issue.

Reconciliation Week follows and starts on the 27th of May the anniversary of the 1967 federal referendum and ends on June the 3rd Mabo Day that commemorates the Mabo decision of 1992. The last date is named after Eddie Koiki Mabo, the lead plaintiff in the case and whose name our library in Townsville carries. This year is the 20th Anniversary of the decision.  In honour of this anniversary, the ABC is releasing a telemovie of Eddie Mabo's life.  Likewise, on 3rd June, the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library is hosting an event, so please keep an eye out to register your attendance.

This year we have displayed numerous titles on the first floor of the Mabo Library in Townsville to show Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contemporary cultural expression in film, music and literature (borrow Stone Bros for a light hearted comedy full of Indigenous based humour). This is complemented by a mix of topics that people may be interested in as part of their studies. Art, film and literature for our School of Creative Arts students and humanities based subjects. A selection of archaeological and anthropological titles. Stolen Generation titles including The Protectors which is the next step in examining the issue of the non-Indigenous participators in the Northern Territory are also on display.

We  encourage you to attend events like JCU's Mabo Day events which includes an art exhibition by Gail Mabo and Mabo family memorabilia in the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library, or other local community events in Townsville and Cairns, an example are events organised by Townsville City libraries tour of the local Indigenous Cultural Centre.

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