Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Featured books: Indigenous research

Please knock before you enter: Aboriginal regulation of outsiders and the implications for researchers. The regulation of Outsiders to Aboriginal Country is theorised by scholars as invasion and contact, race relations, frontiers and acculturation. In these theories Aboriginal People are represented as powerless and hopeless in the face of their inevitable assimilation. Aboriginal regulation of Outsiders is rarely investigated for Aboriginal agency. This research study investigated the agency of a Rainforest Aboriginal Community, the Burungu, Kuku-Yalanji of Far North Queensland, Australia in the regulation of Outsiders to their Country of past, present and future.

Research dancing: Reflections on the relationships between university-based researchers and community-based researchers at Gurriny Yealamucka Health Services Aboriginal Corporation, Yarrabah. This paper examines and reflects upon the research relationships between university-based researchers and community-based researchers working in social health and empowerment programs with the Indigenous community of Yarrabah in northern Queensland. Such relationships have undergone significant reappraisal and change in the past decade, and, in the case of Yarrabah, are undergoing significant expansion. At Yarrabah, this has been a process whereby the community has set the research agenda and university researchers have facilitated the development of appropriate programs and the capacity of the community to administer and run these programs.

Researching indigenous health: A practical guide for researchers. Indigenous health research needs to be driven by priorities set by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, to be of practical use to the Indigenous health sector and to develop research capacity within the Indigenous community. This guide includes the history, context, values and change priorities of Indigenous health research in Australia and the planning and management of Indigenous health research projects.

Research is ceremony: Indigenous research methods. Describing a research paradigm shared by indigenous scholars in Canada and Australia, this study demonstrates how this standard can be put into practice. Portraying indigenous researchers as knowledge seekers who work to progress indigenous ways of being, knowing, and doing in a constantly evolving context, this examination shows how relationships both shape indigenous reality and are vital to reality itself.

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