Wednesday, 6 June 2012

For one day only, the transit of Venus

From the UQ Tranisit of Venus 2012 webpage
Warning: It is very dangerous to look directly at the Sun, especially through binoculars or telescopes. SERIOUS EYE DAMAGE MAY RESULT. 

On 6 June (today) Venus is crossing in front of the Sun with its whole passage from beginning to end visible from most of Australia and New Zealand. Although it last happened only eight years ago, as we see Venus’s dark silhouette move across the disc of the Sun we will be witnessing one of the rarest and most famous events in astronomy, a transit of Venus, which will not occur again until December 2117.

Source: ASA Factsheet No. 24

Safely watch the June 6 Transit of Venus live.

JCU Library holds some interesting books on the transit of Venus. Come in and have a look.

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