Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Look out for passing Library Rovers

To better serve library users at their point of need, the Library is trialling the use of Library Rovers. Please take advantage of any Library Rovers you see so that we can prove their worth and continue to offer their services in 2013. Library Rovers will rove through the Library building during the semester period, and can be identified by their stylish JCU Library Rover shirts.

Library Rovers are JCU students who can assist with a variety of issues:

First level IT assistance:
- Using Library computers
- Software applications
- JCU online services (webmail, wireless, eStudent, StudentsOnline and LearnJCU).

Basic assistance with Library services:
- Lending services
- Finding information resources
- Copying and printing services.

Are you on the top level of the Library building and have a problem? Well, keep your eye out for a Library Rover.

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