Thursday, 13 September 2012

2012 Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Awards

Nathan Miller shows off his IPAA award
Disability Action Week runs between 9 - 15 September, and in celebration of this week the Equity and Student Engagement Directorate has announced the 2012 Inclusive Practice Acknowledgement Awards (IPAA). The awards are organised by JCU AccessAbility Services to celebrate and acknowledge JCU staff who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to assisting students with disabilities. The awards recognise the efforts made by staff to be flexible, consultative, proactive, and/or innovative in minimising the challenges for students studying with a temporary or permanent disability, injury, illness or health condition.

JCU Library is delighted to report that we had three nominees for the 2012 awards. Bronwen Forster and Vaurian Lewin from JCU Library in Cairns, and Nathan Miller from the Eddie Koiki Mabo Library on Tonwsville campus. Nathan was a winner for JCU Townsville campus. Congratulations to all nominees and winners for making a difference to JCU students with a disability.

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