Wednesday, 24 October 2012

IBISWorld - New resource!

Are you curious about the direction the newspaper industry is heading? Is our tourism industry strong?  Wondering about getting into the video gaming industry? Thinking about setting up your own physiotherapy practice? Maybe you're wondering if the coffee shop market is saturated yet?

Snapshot from the IBISWorld iExpert summary on the Newspaper industry.      
IBISWorld Industry Reports provide up to date reports on all of these industries and many more including known success factors for businesses in the industry. In Australia we use ANZSIC (Australia and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification) as a framework to discuss and compare industries.

IBISWorld provides us with a range of reports and data about all 500 classified industries; from accommodation, forestry, agriculture industries, construction, performing arts, health, mining, education and government.

The following collections are provided in our IBISWorld subscription. To try IBISWorld now follow the link (right hand column) on our Business resources guide.

Australia Company Reports

IBISWorld’s Company Reports analyze the 2000 largest Australian and New Zealand companies; listed & non-listed public, private, foreign owned, trusts & government businesses. Each profile contains directors, key personnel, balance sheet and P&L data, ownership structure as well as the auditors, bankers and solicitors. In addition, the premium reports offers more detailed information including company activities, cross directorships, industry ratios and an analysis of the competitive environment.

Australia Industry Reports 

The ANZSIC collection analyzes industries at the class level offering the latest content on 500 industries. Each report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.

Australia Industry iExpert Summaries 

Industry iExpert condenses the intergral elements from our iExpert reports into bite-sized paragraphs, graphics and tables, highlighting the key issues with a Q&A section, for each of the 500 ANZSIC industries. To help you fast track your analysis, planning or new business activity IBISWorld provides you with pre-defined lists which present selected data items from the 500 ANZSIC industries in a spreadsheet. Select from biggest turnover, fastest or slowest growing and view lists of industry growth - download the data as a Microsoft Excel file.

Australia Business Environment Profiles

Every industry faces a set of drivers outside its control that have a material effect on industry performance. Business Environment Profiles provide insight into these key drivers, which include interest rates, commodity prices, interest rates, weather conditions, consumer attitudes, demographics and many more.

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