Monday, 15 October 2012

National ride to work/uni day

Wednesday 17 October is National Ride2Work/Uni day - a day which is aimed at promoting a healthier community by getting us all on our bikes.

Why ride to work/uni?
- It's fun
- It's cheap
- It's convenient
- You can lose/maintain weight
- Your cardiovascular capacity will increase
- It will reduce stress.

Make a point of leaving your car at home and getting on your bike on National Ride2Work/Uni day.

Keen JCU cyclists may be interested to know that JCU has a Bicycle Users Group (BUG). Go to their website for useful information such as where to park your bike, events, campus shower locations, council bikeway maps, and more. JCU BUG has organised a Ride2Work/Uni day breakfasts for Cairns and Townsville campuses. Please register for the Cairns and Townsville events for catering purposes.

JCU Library has a diverse collection of resources relating to cycling:
If cycling is your thing, you might be interested in checking them out.

Change the world - life is better on a bike!

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