Thursday, 25 October 2012

Using Open Access, ResearchOnline@JCU and Social Media to promote your research

There is in increase in the use of social media web tools by academics and researchers for self-promotion. Some examples of the most popular are:
Using blog posts or tweets to prompt your online networks to read and "like" your work can result in higher downloads of your work. More downloads can lead to higher citation counts.

So what's this got to do with ResearchOnline@JCU? It's mandatory for JCU staff to enter publication records to ResearchOnline@JCU. So . . . why not use that to your benefit?

Posting the Accepted Version of your work to ResearchOnline@JCU and making it available to anyone is allowed by almost 70% of journals. This is called Green Open Access and doesn't cost anything. Once posted, no intervention is required on your part (no more accepting request-a-copy requests). Essentially you have removed any barriers to your work for potential readers.

Advertise your work using social media - point directly to the record in ResearchOnline@JCU. With one click, it can then be downloaded.

It takes time and effort to gather an audience. Every time you post to a blog or tweet to the universe you'll reach your audience and they can easily repost to their audience and they can repost to their audience . . . .

Key reading on this subject:

For more information, contact the Research Services Librarian, Jackie Wolstenholme or the Digital Repository Librarian, Jo Ruxton.

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