Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Credo reference brainteaser – apples

Take a break from your study with a Credo Reference brainteaser. All the questions or answers in this brainteaser concern apples or an apple.
  1. The Big Apple is a nickname for which particular American city?
  2. Which scientist supposedly developed his general theory of gravitation from seeing an apple fall from a tree beside his Woolsthorpe home?
  3. In a figurative sense, what is an apple-polisher?
  4. What is the popular name for the visible projection at the front of the neck formed by the thyroid cartilage?
  5. “Love apple” is an old name for what fruit (which is often regarded as a vegetable)?
  6. “Apples and pears” is Cockney rhyming slang for what?
  7. What is the meaning of the phrase “apple-pie order”?
  8. Who wrote the 1929 play “The Apple Cart”: was it George Bernard Shaw, Eugene O’Neill or Noel Coward?
  9. “Apple Islander” means someone born in which state (or who has come to regard it as his or her home)?
  10. Name one of the two men who founded Apple Computer, Inc.
Stuck for answers? Work them out with Credo Reference database.

Quiz answers here. Questions set by Tony Augarde.

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Sharon B said...

For an extra, bonus, geeky question:

What fictional city, based on the answer to question one, is known as "The Big Apricot"?