Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Black Ink Press Support Indigenous Writers this Xmas

Christmas is a time to consider presents and any good librarian would always suggest a book.

This year why not choose not only an Australian writer but a book with Australian culture in it and one that supports Indigenous Australian writers. Black Ink Press is a Townsville based publisher that has over the pass 10 years or so published around 60 titles written by Indigenous Australians from all across Australia; by schoolchildren and adults; in Indigenous languages and English; across the genres of poetry, traditional tales, recent historical events, and just good yarns.

The second reason to buy now is that Black Ink Press titles are currently in short demand due to restructuring of the parent organisation. I went to buy a personal favourite called Junjardee and the Red Bank by Janelle Evans & Jaquanna Elliott   which is about the little hairy man that I grew up hearing about in southern Queensland. They only had one copy left.

I have seen Black Ink Press titles stocked at most major book retailers in Townsville and also at independent book stores, and several other types of retailers. You can also borrow the titles here at JCU library.

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