Thursday, 20 December 2012

GATFC Computer lab availibility over Summer Break

Please read the following information from the IT&R week in review of 21st of December 2012 for information on computer lab availability, hours and support services.

Information Technology & Resources staff will be unavailable from 5pm Friday 21st December 2012 until the first working day of the New Year Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

Please also note Access and Hours of Operation which covers availability of General Access and Teaching Computer Facilities. These are undergoing annual maintenance which this year involves loading of new images for Semester 1, 2013. During the break, clients who believe that there is a Computing or Communications service problem should first check Central Computing Bulletins for any advice regarding the problem or outage. If nothing is detailed, clients should ring the Service Status number +61 7 4781 6555. Should the problem be known, advice will be available.

All General Access and Teaching Computer Facilities (GATCF) facilities on Townsville, Cairns and Mackay campuses will be closed for the Christmas Break commencing 5pm Friday 21st December 2012 with the exception of the following areas which will be open with swipe card access.  During this time security staff will be patrolling these areas but no IT support staff will be available to service them in the case of service disruptions.

Computer Centre Building 2 Rooms 103 and 104

Library Building B1 Room 030

Selected facilities in the Townsville Computer Centre Building 2 and the Cairns Library Building B1 as well as Library areas on both campuses will re-open at 8am Wednesday 2nd January 2013.

The GATCF team will post notices to the Central Computing Bulletins advising of any changes to the status of the GATCF labs. You should check the bulletins for ongoing updates from time to time.

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