Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Befriend a Rover for help

Have you found yourself needing help but it seems like a Bear Grylls moment to get to the InfoHelp counter. What you need is a Library Rover.

To better serve library users at their point of need, the Library has Library Rovers. Library Rovers will rove through the Library building during the semester period, and can be identified by their stylish JCU Library Rover shirts. At Townsville they can be found on the middle floor at a station that they will rove from.

Library Rovers are JCU students who can assist with a variety of issues:

First level IT assistance:
- Using Library computers
- Software applications
- JCU online services (webmail, wireless, eStudent, StudentsOnline and LearnJCU).

Basic assistance with Library services:
- Lending services
- Finding information resources
- Copying and printing services.

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