Tuesday, 19 February 2013

eduroam (with a lowercase e) wireless network

If you have just returned from holidays and can't join the eduroam wireless network on campus, you may need to reinstall the settings. Over the semester break some adjustments were made to the log in steps and students now sign in with their email as the username firstname.lastname@my.jcu.edu.au, staff would use their work email.

Many of you will also be using Windows 8 so the IT staff have kindly placed these steps on the web alongside all of the major operating systems. These steps are located on the Getting Connected to Wireless page and the for phones and tablets at Wireless Setup -Mobile devices. And if you have further trouble you can either visit the Library at Cairns and Townsville and ask the staff at InfoHelp desk for help. If you needed further IT support they can refer you to the IT staff or you can contact IT via the Self Service Portal.

Cairns and now Townsville library have printed  instructions on how to join that are laminated and placed for reuse around each respective buildings.

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