Friday, 12 April 2013

Featured eBooks: Margaret Thatcher

Margaret Thatcher: A portrait of the iron lady. This biography of Lady Thatcher relates in warm detail the life of Margaret Thatcher, her achievements as British Prime Minister, and her life since retirement. Written in a vigorous, no-nonsense style, Lady Thatcher provides a succinct portrait of the Iron Lady, illustrating what the terms “Thatcherite” and “Thatcherism” really mean. Blundell shows why Thatcher was such an outstanding world leader and such an inspiration for women leaders in particular.

Thatcher and after: Margaret Thatcher and her afterlife in contemporary culture. This book explores the persistent reappearances of Margaret Thatcher, Britain's most loved and reviled Prime Minister, in contemporary British culture. Twenty years after Thatcher left office, Britain is still struggling to come to terms with her legacy. This volume reads Thatcher's moment as a profound and powerful rupture in British political and cultural life and argues that there is an afterlife to Thatcher and Thatcherism that requires address and even redress in the present. The urgent goal of this volume is to restore a Thatcherite past to a present that is increasingly forgetful and celebratory of Thatcher and to resist the growing conservatism in British life. Its contributors provide strategies and opportunities to resist in the present, however belatedly, Thatcherism's all-pervasive policies - policies that can be seen problematically even at the core of New Labour's ideologies. Through a range of essays, scholars of literature, cultural studies, media studies, film and drama question what it means to be living in a post-Thatcher world.

Thatcher and Thatcherism. Drawing extensively on political memoirs, this book surveys the origins and impact of 'Thatcherism' as a cultural construct and an economic creed. Focusing on the career of Margaret Thatcher, Eric J. Evans proposes that the ideological coherence and originality of 'Thatcherism' was illusory. He argues that 'Thatcherism' was a bold experiment in ideologically driven government which failed to meet its main objectives.

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