Friday, 5 April 2013

Yes Prime Minister

Sir Humphrey Appleby, Jim Hacker and Bernard Wooley
Image source: Yes Minister, BBC Comedy
JCU Library has obtained a streaming video subscription to series 1 of the popular and critically acclaimed television series Yes Prime Minster.

Series description:
After coming to power, new Prime Minister Jim Hacker is swiftly up against bigger problems than before. He deals with cabinet reshuffles, trying to stop small wars and just maybe rescuing a sheepdog from Salisbury Plain. Sir Humphrey Appleby, now Cabinet Secretary, is even more determined than ever to prevent Hacker doing anything new. Sir Humphrey blocks, delays, defers and undermines every new policy Hacker suggests that might possibly get in the way of Whitehall's tradition of 'masterly inactivity'. The relationships between Jim, Sir Humphrey, and Bernard elegantly reflects the weaknesses of both politicians and bureaucrats.

Click here to view this series via JCU Library.

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