Thursday, 30 May 2013

Improvements made since the 2012 Library Client Survey: You Said It, We Did It

The  2012 Library Client Survey has allowed the library to respond to our clients desires and needs (that's you students and without you there is just a big empty building).

A short summary below. A full version click here.

You said: More computers, laptop facilities (power), and wireless access!

We did:
Mabo Library Townsville
  • Designated laptop bar
  • 188 additional power points
  • 30 more wireless access points
  • A total of 212 computers (PCs and Macs) 
  • 24 hour access to computers and other facilities in the Information Commons Library
Cairns Library
  • Added more power points for a total of 277
  • 13 more wireless access points
  • Now have a total of 147 computers
You Said: More quiet places in the Library to study and more places in the Library to work in groups!

We did: 
Zoned the Library floors in Cairns and Townsville with
  • Collaboration zone - ground floor designated for conversation, interaction among individuals and groups
  • Quiet study –first floor designated for quiet conversations and interactions including group work and individual study.
  • Silent study – second floor designated for silent study and reflection primarily by individuals
  • New online room booking system will be available for students before end of semester 1, 2013
You Said:  Information resources that meet learning and research needs including online and print based resources!

We did:
  • More than 50,000 new ebooks have been added to the collection for a total of 190,704 titles available in 2013
  • More than 5,000 streaming videos are available
  • Now borrow more books for longer periods of time
  • Free postage for the delivery and return of JCU Library books to JCU students residing in Australia who live further than 50 kilometres from either the JCU Townsville or Cairns Campuses.

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