Thursday, 11 July 2013

Feature eBooks: Leadership

Leading teams: Tools and techniques for successful team leadership from the sports world. How do the sports world's most successful coaches instill their teams with esprit de corps, a collaborative mindset, and an unbeatable desire to win? More importantly, what can business leaders and managers learn from their example? This book answers these and a host of key questions about what it takes to be a successful leader in business or in sports.

The people manager's tool kit: A practical guide to getting the best from people. People who manage people face a number of challenges, from keeping workers engaged and performing at a high level to dealing with absenteeism and bad behaviour in the workplace. This book offers a suite of practical tools for optimising staff performance and dealing with a wide variety of "people issues." Avoiding all human resources jargon and complicated management theory, this straightforward how-to guide shows you practical everyday solutions to common problems.

The student leadership challenge: Five practices for exemplary leaders. This is a concise, focused primer on the 'Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership' for students, and uses examples and language to which students in higher education can relate. It also features reflective and critical thinking activities at the end of each chapter to help students engage in each of the Five Practices.

Untapped talent: Unleashing the power of the hidden workforce. This book will help executives and managers recognize and develop the hidden strengths in the professionals they lead and manage. It will introduce these strengths in ways that help them appreciate the untapped value/resource in this hidden workforce.

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