Thursday, 25 July 2013

New! Info skills road trip

JCU Library has developed an interactive learning tool specifically for you - the Info Skills Road Trip! It provides an introduction to researching for your assignments. You will learn the basics of unpacking your assignment topic, finding sources, evaluating what you find and referencing to help you on your University journey. By the end of your journey you will have covered:
  • The library buildings on the different campuses (opening hours, and more)
  • How to contact your subject librarians
  • What resources you can access completely online
  • How to get library books without coming onto campus (Australian mainland only)
  • Identify which parts of the task are things you can research
  • Figure out what kind of information you need and choose where to look for that information
  • How to find resources for your assignments
  • Searching quicker and smarter
  • Evaluating the sources that you have found
  • What referencing is and why you MUST do it to avoid plagiarism
  • Where and how to reference.  
Happy travels!

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