Tuesday, 6 August 2013

TIME MANAGEMENT : Plan out your semester with online timetable templates and a Learning Advice desk staff

Inside the library buildings at Cairns and Townsville another section of JCU learning support is hard at work; Learning Advisors and student mentors are assisting students study and produce better assessment pieces to get that grade, to get that degree, to get that job.

These colleagues of ours help undergraduate and post-graduate students with a variety of academic skills like
  • writing to University academic standard; this ain't high school, buddy
  • note taking; well smartphones and iPads have their place but there is copying someone's notes and then there is adding your perspective and wording to help your recall it in the exam
  • public speaking; no more sweaty palms and stuttering
 and the one overlooked study skill
Getting it together with TIME MANAGEMENT
  1. have an efficient and effective study regime; look at when you have spare time and when you are under utilising time (procrastinating and wasting time for those who are time rich) and slot that 10 extra hours study per subject (on top of each subjects tutorials, workshops and lecture times) every week to avoid cramming and stress at the end
  2. plan your average week; by plotting out class time, study time, employment time and FUN TIME
  3. create a week by week set of goals for the semester; dates to have recommended readings done by; when to start drafting assignments, to have your reference style double checked by library staff at the Infohelp desk and when to submit it; when any professional placement happens
  4. Put other non-JCU goals in; get that driver's licence, part time work to boost your savings for that new lap top, Groovin the Moo tickets and that St. Vinnies thrift shop fur coat like Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.
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