Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Talk like a pirate on 19 September

Talk Like a Pirate Day occurs every year on 19 September. JCU Library in Cairns and Townsville has copies of Treasure Island, for anyone who wants to check out one of the most well known pirate adventure novels of all time.

Here is some piratical lingo to slip into general conversation:

Ahoy! - An energetic greeting to yer fellow hello

Arrr! - Interjection to show excitement

Booty - A pirates treasure

Davy Jones' Locker - A final restin place at the bottom o' the sea for drowned pirates

Feed the fishes - The dearly or not so dearly departed...thrown overboard

Landlubber - Anyone tis awkward or unfamiliar with life aboard a ship...a clumsy sailor...a land lover

Matey or Me hearty - A piratical reference towards a shipmate or a friend

Savvy...? - A piratical term meaning...Do ye get what I'm saying matey...or are you familiar with?

Scurvy dog! - A' a general insult upon a shipmate

Walk the plank - A walk beyond the end of a ships plank to drown at sea visit Davey Jones' locker!

Wench - A piratical way to address a familiar lady...careful with this one mates!

Yo-ho-ho - Why...pirate laughter o'' a general merry expression.

Source: Crossbones 

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