Monday, 14 October 2013

Demystifying Open Access*g4L*kkPOgcSV92jv7eZxwaRkN-H8OVPFwOGyBvSiBWfAim2RWQp7IKKrJX0*Z6UaIZR5nIR6eJdgzd-kslQj6KJRWD/OAlogo.jpg
Open Access is the practice of making your publications freely available online.

Open Access can help to raise your research profile. Getting your work discovered then accessed increases the chance that it will be read and cited.

This presentation will discuss and clarify options for making your research Open Access.

Townsville and Cairns - Come for the talk and stay for wine and cheese
Please RSVP to by 17 October for catering purposes

Tuesday 22 October
Townsville: 4-5 pm; iLearning Room 002C in the Mabo Library
Cairns: 4-5 pm; B1.103 in the Library
Singapore: 2-3 pm; Video Meeting Room

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