Monday, 28 October 2013

Disaster information

This month on October 13th was International Day for Disaster Reduction. JCU Cairns and Townsville are both in areas affected by cyclones (typhoons or hurricanes in other  parts of the world) and like most of Australia the potential for bushfire to affect large urban centres and infrastructure is also high. 

The University has as part of its areas of interest in the tropics the Centre for Disaster Studies. It was established in 1979 after  major cyclones; Althea in Townsville in 1971 and Tracy in Darwin in 1974. It is Queensland's only Disaster Research Unit.

With the cyclone and fire season again upon us you could look up local information about cyclones and other emergency events
For some recent titles
You could do further searches using more specific search terms and create search strings using Boolean search strategy. An example is use quotations marks to create a search for the phrase rather than two separate unconnected words so use "natural disaster", "disaster management" versus typing natural disaster without  quotation " marks.

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