Monday, 11 November 2013

Jackie Wolstenholme Research Services Librarian Friend of FAESS 2013

Photo of Jackie WolstenholmeJackie Wolstenholme our  Research Services Librarian was the recipient of the  2013 Friend of Faculty of Arts, Education and Social Sciences (FAESS). Jackie received the award and was strongly endorsed by the Associate Dean of Research Glen Dawes. Jackie assisted by leading some Faculty Fundamentals Workshops about cutting edge ways that researchers can improve than research impact in those all important areas like Bibliometrics and even using Social Media

Jackie was fresh from attending the Open Access and Research Conference (, and gave a presentation at FAESS Fest explaining why we should no longer think of social media as a novel way to communicate research. Dating back to the development of the printing press in 1450, researchers have always used available technology to communicate research. Social media e.g. YouTube and Twitter are examples of tools that are now useful for sharing and promoting research findings and outcomes.

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