Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Queensland Globe

Queensland Government's Department of Natural Resources and Mines has developed some ways for its mapping and associated data resources to be more available via online tools called Queensland Globe at http://www.dnrm.qld.gov.au/mapping-data/maps/queensland-globe

The State government clearly states on its webpage it is part of Queensland Government's open data strategy. It works inside the third party technology of the free Google Earth application which they guide you through downloading and then you download the Queensland Globe and any other map data files you choose like Mines Globe.

As an interactive online tool, Queensland Globe allows you to view and explore Queensland maps, imagery (including up-to-date satellite images) and other spatial data including Queensland Government-owned data and data used under licence from other parties. You can view various things using Google Earth standard data and Queensland Globe data for example cloud cover, boundaries of postcodes, mining basins or reserves and so on. Some of the layers you can choose to view include:
  •     places (e.g. population centre, suburb)
  •     boundaries (e.g. coastline, local government, electorate, postcode)
  •     roads (e.g. arterial road, minor road)
  •     rail (e.g. railway line, railway station)
  •     transport (e.g. ferry, mall, busway, path, track)
  •     addresses
  •     land parcel (e.g. property boundary, property label)
  •     land parcel tenures (e.g. freehold, national park, state forest, state land).

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