Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Library How To: Get Print Credit

If you're planning on using university printers, you'll need to have your student card loaded with credit for copying and printing (CopyPrint).  Your cards come with a $0.00 balance, and you will need to add funds to get your stuff printed.  Here's how:

1. Visit your Library
The Library service desks can take cash or card payments to top up your CopyPrint balance. There's a $2.00 minimum if paying by cash, and a $5.00 minimum if paying by card.

2. Pay online
You can use your credit card to top up CopyPrint via Students Online. Once you're logged in, use the options on the left sidebar to add credit to your balance.  There's a $20.00 minimum for these transactions.

Hot Tip: Your CopyPrint balance rolls over from year to year!

For more information, check our full CopyPrint Guide here.

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