Thursday, 6 February 2014

Readings and the Library

Lecturers place readings online for students to access but the actual loading of these readings is done by the Library staff.  The readings are normally accessible from links inside your subject's LearnJCU/Blackboard site. They are also available from the Readings and Past Exam link on the Library homepage (this was called Reserve Online until very recently so some people may still call it this out of habit).

If you can not open your readings from LearnJCU try the Readings and Past Exams and some other things you can do are: 
  • Try different web browsers. Mozilla/FireFox is normally good then Google Chrome  then Internet Explorer
  • Clear your web browser's history or cache
  • You may need to update a plug in to view it on your personal computer
  • Desperate tactics are ask a friend who has already downloaded it to email it to you
  • But please report it by email to  which is the Library email account
Be aware that some Reserve Online readings are affected by clash management software too. Normally a message appears that says too many people are accessing this reading so try again later. This is because JCU must comply with Australian copyright legislation. Contact the Library and see if we can help you or at least confirm this is the case.

If you prefer Facebook here is a similar  recent article on the Library Facebook site .

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