Thursday, 1 May 2014

Interested in the impacts of fracking on Australia...?

Fractured Country: An Unconventional Invasion
Directed by Brendan Shoebridge
Narrated by Jack Thompson

In this film, the scale of the threat to Australia from invasive gas mining is clearly exposed. From the water catchments of Sydney to the natural and cultural icons of Arnhem Land and the Kimberley; and from the fertile farm lands of the Gunnedah Basin and Gippsland to tourist meccas like the Otway Coast and Queensland’s Scenic Rim, gas companies want it all!

Taken on a journey that the glossy gas industry advertising never depicts, the viewer is shown what it means to live in a gas field, and the impacts on our nation if it proceeds. In an empowering finale, the strength and optimism of the Australia wide Lock the Gate movement is palpable, as is the sense of what is achievable when communities stand together to oppose the vested interests of powerful corporations.

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