Friday, 6 June 2014

MacWorld & Choice magazines are availible

When you are JCU student or staff member, you might think about buying insurance or have questions about Mac Computers. Now everybody knows for free information the internet has the answers these days and in years gone by the local librarian could direct you to an item for free on the shelf. So what's my point?

JCU is a tertiary educational institution but we hold a variety of titles that are not specifically academic but are of use for general daily life. If you are cash strapped and do not wish to subscribe to an online magazine or buy the physical journal and you are a regular visitor to JCU libraries drop past our new books and periodical display (at Townsville you can even sit with a coffee from Juliette's).

 I looked at CHOICE 640.73 P1 magazine for May 2014 which had some fridge, printer and phone recommendations, tips on creating logins, explained geoblocking prices (basically when companies sell the same item at higher prices in different countries despite coming from the same place).

I also looked at MACWORLD 004.165 P1 for May 2014  magazine which had a great security article and some simplify your computer experience tips.

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