Friday, 4 July 2014

Need Block Mode help

Walking around Townsville campus, it has the feel that it is in hibernation for North Queensland's not so cold winters and the midyear break between JCU Australia academic semesters, but this is not correct. JCU is open for business and all your regular services are still there and classes, exams, and research is still happening.  If you get stuck, come to the library InfoHelp desk for assistance. You can also  call or email us as well. We will help you to get in touch with staff in IT support, Learning Skills, International student support and enrollments.

At the library we have lots of new international students and some early bird Australian students wandering around. There are also continuing post-graduates, undergraduate and diploma students doing block modes or studying for supplementary exams or finishing their assignment extensions. And lots of visiting non-JCU schloars doing research.

The Library at Cairns and Townsville  is open for business and there are three key academic services located in our building
  1. The library staff for how to reference, finding books and articles, basic IT help like join the wireless
  2. IT staff for IT help you can email or call them and you may be referred for a face to face meeting 47815500
  3. Learning Skills Staff (also called TLD, Learning Advisors) who can help your time planning, writing, notetaking and a range of academic and learning skill advice
Some common questions at this time of year
  • Referencing assistance for assignment
  • Help setting up wireless/wifi connection
  • Need to speak to enrollments and admissions and can't find them 
  • Need help with assignment writing
  • I'm lost I need to speak to
  • I'm confused about a university process
  • Places to eat
  • Password changes
  • I want to scan and email something

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