Wednesday, 2 July 2014

New version of One Search in July

A new version of One Search, the Library’s handy web discovery search tool, will go live during the week of  the 7th July 2014. 

New and enhanced features include:
  • Display on any screen size
  • Topic Explorer will display definitions and encyclopaedic entries for popular search terms sourced from Library resources including Credo. Links to any relevant Libguides and related topics will also display
  • Automated Query Expansion translates common usage terms into their technical equivalents e.g, a search for heart attack will draw in results for myocardial infarction while still giving the user the option to not use the suggested term
  • Content Spotlighting returns search results for news and images if available
  • New Discipline facet can be used to limit results to a particular discipline
  • Where relevant searches will trigger:
    • Recommendations for specialist databases
    • Non-research online resources from study skills to library opening hours
    • Links to JCU Scholar Profiles
The new version will assist students and staff to find relevant information resources from JCU library collections. 

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