Thursday, 10 July 2014

Off Campus Library Resource Access During Major Systems Outage

We have been working closely with ITR and LearnJCU teams to ensure that electronic library resources are available off campus during the major systems outage planned for this weekend (11-13 July).

Latest Update 15:54 pm 10/07/2014

Summary at this point in time

Available all weekend:

  1. LearnJCU (and its links to scanned readings and electures in Reserve Online)
  2. One Search (but links to Library Catalogue, subscription resources and ResearchOnline@JCU will fail)
  3. Email
  4. Libguides (but links to Library website will fail)
  5. Library Facebook, Twitter, Library News Blog


  1. Links to Reserve Online in LearnJCU (course readings and electures) (some doubt as to whether single sign on from LearnJCU will be able to contact the subnet Masterfile sits on when the firewall is offline)

Not available all weekend

  1. Library Catalogue
  2. Library web site (including the databases page)
  3. ResearchOnline@JCU 
  4. LearnJCU links to ejournal articles in Reserve Online
  5. Reserve Online search interface
  6. Elibrary remote access authentication (when triggered by a link to a resource, e.g. from Libguides, Reserve Online, One Search, Find It @ JCU)
  7. On campus wifi
  8. Group Study Room Bookings
  9. Libserver (librarian chat, forms, archival lists)
  10. GATCF Labs
  11. On campus printing
  12. On campus telephones

Things to remember:

  1. Some things will stop working as early as 5pm Friday 11 July (Password changes)
  2. Some things will work sometimes. Some will work most of the time. IT will turn off things to do maintenance but turn them on again if the next step in maintenance allows them to be turned on and the upgrades have progressed smoothly
  3. It's worth trying to see if the service you want is available at any time, as long as you are prepared for that availability to cease unpredictably
  4. See system outage updates ITR Twitter, JCU Library Systems Twitter

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