Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Future researchers likely to paw over this piece of history

The popular web browser extension, Stop Tony Meow, is being preserved for later generations to study.  According to SBS News, the extension, which replaces pictures of Prime Minister Tony Abbott with pictures of cats (see image below) has over 100,000 downloads, and is culturally significant enough for the National Library of Australia (NLA) to deem worthy of preservation.

Screenshot from
NLA's PANDORA Archive aims to preserve websites of cultural and historical significance to provide long term access far beyond the redundancy date of the original technology.  The Stop Tony Meow developers said that, with the blanket media coverage of Tony Abbott they were "kind of getting a bit sick of his [Abbott's] face," so they created an app that replaces all pictures of Tony Abbott it can find with pictures of cats.

But why cats?  Internet culture is awash in cat related videos, pictures, memes, and jokes and, according to PBS Idea Channel on YouTube, maybe the internet actually is cats:

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