Monday, 29 September 2014

Reading for Reconciliation Action Plan October

Reconciliation Australia (2014)
JCU will launch its Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) starting in Townsville on Wednesday October 8th 2014, and the other campus over the following week.  At the Townsville campus a flag raising ceremony of the Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Australian flags will be held at the entrance to the campus.

Some recommended titles from our collection:
  • Lore, law, responsibility and accountability by Jim South. Covers Ungarri (an alternative spelling is Gungarri) people's cultural ways and recent history through the life of Jim South. Touches on various aspects of Aboriginal Australian culture which are similar across the continent like kinship systems (also called skin or meat or moiety group) and family roles, relationship to country and how spirituality, lore and law are intertwined. An approachable book for other Australians to learn more about Aboriginal Australian culture.
  • Stars of Tagai by Nonie Sharp. Nonie Sharp is an academic who has a long involvement with Torres Strait Islander people and events especially the Mabo land rights cases. This book covers a lot of cultural elements from the past linking to contemporary circumstances of the 1970s to the time of the books publishing in the early 1990s.
  • Interaction: Journal of  the Geography Teacher's Association of Victoria a periodical which had some ideas for geography and science teachers in Volume 42, number 3, September 2014, around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture like the science of traditional cool burning (link to the website Cool Burning for primary or secondary students).

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