Thursday, 16 October 2014

Creating good searches

Major assignments are nearly due.

If you don't find anything to reference in the first 45 minutes of a search, come to the Library InfoHelp desk and ask for help. You may simply need to use a good search string and use a better Database or One Search instead of Google and Google Scholar. We are even there on weekends and until 9pm at night Monday to Thursday.

Say "I'm struggling to find references for my assignment, can you help me?"

Bring (but read before you come):
 Review the LibGuide
  • Info Skills Road Trip especially the Search Strategy page and learn how to make a search string using Boolean operators as the Librarians will teach this hands on. A search string using Boolean operators looks like ("higher education" OR "tertiary education") AND (SES OR "socio economic status") AND "digital divide" AND (student* OR learner*)

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