Wednesday, 15 October 2014

LearnJCU Student Guides and Known Issues: Safe Assign & Assignment Drop Box

In some classes you are asked to submit your assignment on LearnJCU by uploading your work to the Assignment Drop Box or to the Safe Assign Drop Box. This can be the draft or the final copy of your work.  A draft Drop Box is only there if set up by your lecturer, so double check your subject outline or with your lecturer.

In these Drop Boxes your assignment is checked to see if it matches any other assignments or information resources. It helps the markers to identify papers that need to be double checked for possible plagiarism or for incorrect referencing or attribution of sources.

If you receive a high matching percentage, don't panic. Check the report as it highlights the sentences it has matched. Often it is a common phrase that other students may have used. Because your whole class is using the same readings and questions, this increases the chance that you will quote the same article or book as another classmate, so make sure you have referenced it correctly.

LearnJCU also has some Guides for Students which help to explain the process and other common queries in an Index of Student Guides and Known Issues. Some current issues include problems with Safe Assign and Word 2013, as well as some Safari or Firefox web browser settings. Links to these guides are located inside LearnJCU on the main Welcome page after you log in, usually towards the bottom left.

If you have trouble in trying to submit an assignment,  LearnJCU recommends that you: First email your Lecturer with your assignment advising them you are unable to upload it, then click on AskLearnJCU at the top of the screen to report the problem, providing subject site code, browser, file name and format information.

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