Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Exam Tip: Prepare like a cheater

If you thought you could get away with sneaking a piece of paper into the exam that had tips and clues for all the things you have trouble remembering, what would you write on that sheet of paper?

You should go ahead and write it.

Creating a "cheat sheet" is actually a really good way to revise for an exam.  It helps you work out where all your weak points are and makes you come up with strategies for reminding yourself of what you've forgotten.

Start by pretending you can sneak in a whole A4 sheet and fill it with useful notes.

Then try the "tiny piece of paper" option of putting the most important notes in short, concise (perhaps even coded) messages on tiny pieces of paper that you could hide on your person.

Go over the notes a couple of times until you feel really familiar with them.

Then burn everything so you don't feel tempted to actually use it for cheating.

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