Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Journals, Periodicals and Newspapers: Latest Issues on Display

Each week, new purchases and the latest issues of journals and newspapers are made available for immediate use and placed on display at both Cairns and Townsville (and made available online when purchased as such). Please browse while waiting for your classmates to turn up for a study group or in Townsville if you are waiting for a coffee at Juliette's.

For new books, you can subscribe to the New Books email and for some journals you can set up an online alert called a Table of Contents service.

This week two journals that caught my attention were:

Capture November December 2014. The Annual issue. Held in the Townsville Periodicals collection at Call Number 770.232 P1.

Capture is a professional photography magazine with, of course, beautiful images and interesting articles. The main article touches on the ongoing need for high quality photojournalism and a shift to journalists being targeted again by warring parties.  My favourite images are on page 22, 29, 35 and 53; these being Steve Wise's Maureen, Troy Goddall's Free Your Skin-Ginger Beard, Karen Lunley's Dante's Inferno and Jon Wright's The Salt Kingdom.

Mathematics Teaching Issue 243 November 2014. Special Edition: Cockcroft Report Legacy or Missed Opportunity? In the Townsville Periodicals collection at Call Number 510.7 P1 (also online).

This is a journal about primary and secondary maths teaching and this issue appears to concentrate on the British educational experience after the release of the 1982 Cockcroft Report (or its proper title Mathematics counts: Report of the Committee of Inquiry into the Teaching of Mathematics in Schools under the chairmanship of W.H. Cockcroft Call number 510.7042 GRE). This should be interesting for people looking at the impact of policy and pedagogical choices on actual numeracy.

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